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Gulf of Oman and Indian Ocean Center- Chabahar
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The Gulf of Oman and Indian Ocean Center (Chabahar) is the first Iranian Center which is located in Chabahar adjacent to the Gulf of Oman and Indian Ocean. It was opened with the presence of local governors and representatives of regional and international marine organizations and representatives of Iranian marine universities in September 2006.

This Center is located in the south of Chabahar next to the Meteorological Organization of Chabahar. It is placed 200m off the coastline on 25° 16.820´ N and 60° 39.118´ E. This Center is important since it is adjacent to the Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. The Center was built on a 7200 m2 plot and has a 2000 m2 infrastructure.

The building consists of administrative part in 3 floors, biological, physical oceanography and marine chemistry laboratories, secretariat, telecommunication center, library, mosque, computer services center, and university counselors' rooms. The Center has Marine Living Resources and Marine Non-living Resources departments.

Gulf of Oman and Indian Ocean Center (Chabahar) is active in carrying out research projects in different oceanographic fields using advanced laboratories equipments.



Dr. Hossein Negarestan, Executive Affairs Adviser of center

Assistant Professor in Marine Biology 

Tel / Fax: (0098) 545- 3339201

Tel: (0098)545- 3337744
Fax: (0098) 545- 3335004


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