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Publication (Report)


 Publications (Report)




No Project Title Project Leader Contributors   Abstract 

Degree Heating Weeks (DHW) index for predicting bleaching phenomenon in coral reefs of the Persian Gulf

Dr. Keivan Kabiri Dr.Masoud Moradi

Gathering, standardization/digitization and interpretation of existing biological data of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman based on Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)

Dr. Abdolvahab Maghsoudlou

Dr.Farzaneh Momtazi, Samaneh Pazouki, Khadijeh Nasiri, Dr.Mahboubeh Moulavi, Maryam Hekmatara, Dr.Hoda Khaledi, Vahid Sepahvand

3 Use of Landsat-8 imagery to estimate depth and clarity in nearshore coastal waters: Feasibility study- Chabahar Bay, Iran

Dr. Keivan Kabiri

Dr.Masoud Moradi
4 Management of Argo floats parameters in the Indian ocean (2015) (Technical Report) Hamidreza Zare Farnaz Ghiasi, Valiollah Omrani, Dr. Jafar Azizpour
5  Developing of Oceanographic Metadata Management System (Technical Report) Valiallah Omrani Farnaz Ghiasi, Hamidreza Zare

Environmental monitoring and marine data processing of the Persian Gulf (Chapter 1: Physical Oceanography)


Dr.Vahid Chegini, Dr.Hamid Rezaei,

Dr.Ali Mehdinia, Dr.Majid Naderi

Mazyar Khosravi, Abolfazl Saleh,

 Neda Sheijooni Fumani,

Shirin Rahmanpour, Iman Arebi,

 Abdollah Sharghi, Ehsan Abedi,

 Seyed Taleb Hosseini, Nafiseh Amini,

 Rahman Jokar, Maryam Hakim Elahi,

 Ali Azimi, Fatemeh Pourjomeh,

 Mona Madani, Saeed Sanjani,

 Jafar Azizpour, Hadi Gerivani,

Vahid Tavakkoli, Majid Pourkerman,

 Sedigheh Amjadi, Sedighe farakhi ,

 Vahid Aghadadashi





No Project Title Project Leader Contributors  Abstract 

Numerical study of high wave run up and overtopping influence on coastal structures in the coastal hazard point of view - Phase one: primary studies

Dr. Fetemeh Hajivalie Ahmad Arabzadeh

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Brown Alga Sargassum Angostifolium on the Coast of the Persian Gulf (Bushehr Province)

Dr.Maryam Ghaemi

Sara Gholamipour

3 Assessment of wind and wave temporal and spatial distributions using long term data in Persian Gulf

Dr. Bahareh Kamranzad


Antibacterial activity assessment in Sea cucumber Holothuria parva from the Persian Gulf coast against bacteria: (Streptococcus iniae, Lactococcus garviae), And fungi: Saprolegnia parasitica.

 Dr. Hoda Khaledi Dr. Samira Mohamadian, Dr. Shaghayegh Rouholahi

Seasonal variations of physical parameters and stratification of water cplumn in the southwestern deep water zone of the Caspian Sea

Dr. Siamak Jamshidi Abbas Eynali

Legal analysis of affiliation of I.R. Iran to SOOS and SCAR and Its Implications on the presence in the Antarctic and its accession to Antarctic Treaty System

Dr. Seyed Ziaeddin Madani Saeedeh Khaleghi
7 Measurment and analysis of Chemical Oceanography Parameters of Mond Estuary (Bushehr Province) Dr. Maryam Ghaemi

Ali Mehdinia, Abolfazl Saleh, Sara Gholamipour

Neda Sheijuni, Vahid Sepahvand

8 Synoptic and Dynamical Analysis of Haiyan Tropical Cyclone Dr. Nafiseh Peghahfar Dr. Parvin ghafarian, Elaheh Owlad
9 Study of variations in physical parameters in the southern coastal waters of the Caspian Sea Dr. Siamak Jamshidi Abbas Eynali 
10 Taxonomy and species richness of supralittoral amphipods in the Persian Gulf Dr. Farzaneh Momtazi

Dr Abdolvahab Maghsoudlou, Vahid Sepahvand

and Yeganeh Layeghi

11 Estimating the Economic Loss of Marine Pollution (Oil Spills) caused by sinking two oil tankers in Boushehr Province to Regional Economy by using I-O model Dr. Shima Madani

Saeedeh Khaleghi, Fatemeh Bazazan, Ph.D.,

Dr. Maryam Ghaemi


Management of Argo floats parameters in the Indian Ocean from Argo floats (2014)Technical Report)


Hamidreza Zare 

Farnaz Ghiasi, valiallah Omrani, Jafar Azizpour

13 Analysis of Synoptic and Dynamic Structure of Heavy Snowfall over Northern coast of Iran during February 2014 Dr. Parvin ghafarian Dr. Nafiseh Peghahfar, Elaheh Owlad  

Application of Data Mining Techniques in Coastal Engineering (Case Study: Wave Run-up on Cylindrical Structures)

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Kazeminezhad

Dr. Amir Etemad-Shahidi


A hybrid method for wave simulation in selected nearshore areas of the Persian Gulf

Dr. Bahareh Kamranzad

Ashkan Reisi-Dehkordi, Parastoo Salah

Community composition of phytoplankton and zooplankton in Bardestan creek (Persian Gulf, Dayyer)

Ehsan Abedi

Eiman Arebi, Mahshid Jalili, Sara Golmipour,

Vahid Sepahvand, Seied Taleb Hosseini


Taxonomy of subtidal ghost shrimps infraorder Axiidea from the Hormozgan Province (Strait of Hormuz)

Dr. Farzaneh Momtazi Vahid Sepahvand, Dr.Abdolvahab Maghsoudlou



No Project Title Project Leader Contributors  Abstract 

Modeling of Floating Body Movements due to Tsunami Waves, Using SPH Method

Dr. Mahmoodreza Akbarpour Jannat

Ehsan Rastgoftar, Omidreza Safiyari


Assessment and monitoring of benthic habitats around the Kish Island using QuickBird satellite images during 2005 and 2008

Dr. Keivan Kabiri

Dr. Hamid Rezai Marnani, Kaveh Samimi Namin


Geochemical investigation on sediments of Oman sea coasts, using Geographical Information System (GIS)

Mohammad Ali Hamzeh

Gholamrasul Baskaleh, Parisa Habibi


Sedimentology and sediment distribution patterns in northern Oman Sea continental shelf

Dr. Hamid Alizadeh Ketek Lahijani

Dr. Abdolmajid Naderi Beni, Muna Hosseindoost

Parisa Habibi, Rahman joker

Abdolhossein Amini, Hossein Bagheri


Estimating the minimum economic costs from possible tsunami of Makran Subduction Zone in Chabahar Bay

Dr. Shima Madani

Saeedeh Khaleghi, Dr. Mahmoud reza Akbarpour

6 A survey on data collection and evaluation petroleum hydrocarbons in water, sediment and biota in the Persian Gulf and assessment the extracted data from environmental protection point of view Dr. Homira Agah

Sajad Astani, Ali Azimi, Dr. Ali Mahdinia, Masoumeh Dalvand


Considering organic carbon, total organic matter and total nitrogen in sediments of Strait of Hormoz to detect the pollution sources

Dr. Homira Agah

Shirin Rahmanpour, Neda Sheijoni


Evaluation of WAVEWATCH III for Wave Modelling in the Persian Gulf

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Kazeminezhad

Dr. Said Mazaheri

Mohsen Khanipour, Mohammad Hadi Erfani


Modeling Tsunami Interaction with Coastal Structures A SPH Method Application

Dr. Mahmoodreza Akbarpour Jannat

Majid Noranian Esfahani,


Results from the data obtained by CTD instrument in the east southern of the Caspian Sea (Gorgan Bay- Amirabbad Port)

Mohammad Saeed Sanjani

Maziar Khosravi, Hossein Bagheri, Naser Ghasemi


Species richness and distribution of subtidal sponges from the Persian Gulf (Kish Island, Larak Island and Nayband Bay)

Dr. Abdolvahab Maghsoudlou

Dr. Peyman Eghtesadi Araghi, Mahshid Jalili


Tide Prediction for Persian Gulf Coasts based on Harmonic Analysis

Dr. Ali Khoshkholgh

Mohammad Hadi Erfani